Fartons are delicious. They sound very funny when you hear the name, but they are an elongated pastry that is basically made of nice soft bread and dusted with sugar on top. They are YUM. We just had one each on our way into the metro station, that was basically just a flight of steps down from where we were, while running somewhere, so that we wouldn’t get more delayed; I am notoriously slow some days but miraculously fast on others. Ask R. Also I don’t think R could have handled having more than one farton, with the giggles emanating from him (I don’t think I’m making this up).

I wish I could have had a couple more. The amusement they have provided me is endless.

So I googled fartons and it turns out they are meant to be had with a beverage called horchata, made of something called tigernuts (which I have never had). This has nothing to do with anything.

Edit: It turns out that we bought 3 fartons, but I don’t remember having a half farton (so light and airy it was). Still wish I had more! MMMMM.

Does that make me a Fartonista?