A few nights back I watched as Floogy trotted up very happily in front of my house at around midnight. His trotting was combined with a bit of a waddle and looked a bit measured a couple of times owing to his bum having expanded and it having been 10 years since I saw him first. Anyway so he looked very happy and proceeded to mark the entire area near my gate while tearing with great enthusiasm (and perhaps chomping) some disgusting leafy weeds that have shot up on the pavement next to the gate. He proceeded to ignore me when I called to him and marched off happily after he had successfully completed his marking activities.

This pavement seems to have become a garbage bin for a number of people. Apparently the presence of plans indicates to people that the area is a dustbin for the disposal of marigold malas and styrofoam plates with left over food. Oh and glass bottles too.

Anyway so Floogy had decided to live in front of my house in 2007 post which he moved to the neighbourhood park where I have seen him bullying the other dogs (including one I thought was his brother). He also used to have a lady friend with two small pups, who was invited to drink from the water bowl kept outside the house. Those puppies used to shine in the light at night. They were a lovely creamy white colour and I think one of them is still around somewhere now.

Floogy mostly ignores me these days; possibly he doesn’t recognise me because I don’t go to the park very often and he hangs out near shady looking people.